Hear the excitement from other students!

Mike's Testimony

Engineering businessman

Very impressed with Belle Terre Academy! I learned so much French in such little time! I liked everything about the course. I liked that there are many ways to gain the information based on the way you learn best. The activities were fun. I'm continuing on to French 102 now.

Anaica's Testimony


I took French out of interest and because of my Haitian background. This course was "flexible" which I needed as a mother of 3. I liked the diversity of media (video, audio, etc) and the fun practice activities.

Michelle's Testimonial

Retired educator and psychiatrist

As a former teacher, I recognize excellent instruction. Even if I'm relatively new to online education, I was impressed at how easy it was to navigate through the course. My two goals were to learn French and be able to hike the Pyrenees mountains. I accomplished my dream hiking the Pyrenees mountains, translating conversations between the tour guide and my husband. I took three courses and am so glad I did.

Ryder's Testimonial

College student

I took this course along with a French class I was taking in a college in San Diego. I heard Belle Terre Academy would help me actually learn French and not just getting a pass grade for college. I am proud to say I actually feel comfortable speaking French. I'm working on spelling but I can write pretty decent too. So glad a friend recommended Belle Terre Academy.

Natasha's Testimonial


I travel a lot and as I was preparing for an upcoming trip to Switzerland I decided to learn French. I loved the organized way the classes were laid out. I learned a lot of phrases I could immediately use. I really enjoyed the speaking/recording assignments as well because it helped with my pronunciation.

Daniel & Rebekah's Testimonials

My husband and I took this course after it was highly recommended to us by another couple. We both loved the two courses we took. Working with a partner in this course helped me understand the language better and feel more confident speaking and writing to native speakers.

Jacques' Testimonial


Back in college, I decided to learn French because of my name (even if I'm not French). I fell in love with the language and culture. I wanted to further my knowledge as a working professional and signed up for Belle Terre's French classes. I am so glad I took this course and I would like to give a huge thanks to Belle Terre Academy for all the hard work put in to the course. It was a fun class and I always looked forward to logging on. My French has improved greatly and I am excited to continue on!!