Le monde et les héritages francophones

Cours enseigné par professeur Rachèle DeMéo

This course is intended for people who would like to learn about the history and heritage of the French-speaking world. Knowledge of the French language is required. 

Il est à noter que ce cours est en français uniquement.

Découvrez l'histoire du monde francophone.

Analysez les régions francophones autour du monde et pourquoi elles sont devenues francophones.

Explorez les cultures diverses et les différentes traditions dans les pays francophones. 

Écoutez les histoires de francophones expatriés.

Découvrez où vous voudriez voyager.

Apprenez du vocabulaire nouveau.

What the course includes:

  • Videos

  • Audio podcasts

  • Handouts

  • Practice activities & exercises

  • Interviews around the French-speaking world

  • Additional resources (historical, geographical & more!)


Receive memberships to two groups!

  • Keeping you plugged into French daily!

    Membership to a private group for regular additional resources in French to constantly keep you plugged into French. From movie recommendations, to fun games to current events -- you get it all!

  • Your community to practice with!

    Benefit from a membership to pair up with another fellow student and/or study group to practice with regularly based on your usual availability. Get involved in our community by participating in group discussions.

The total package

You get it all!

  • Real French (not useless French that's not actually used) taught in the most logical way (what's used the most!

  • Embedded culture, expressions, slang, everyday expressions

  • Practice activities individually and with others! Be a part of our community!


Founder, native French instructor and language specialist

Rachele DeMeo

ABOUT FOUNDER & INSTRUCTOR: Rachele DeMeo was born in Nîmes (Languedoc-Roussillon), Southern France where she spent the first nineteen years of her life. Raised by an American-Italian father and a British mother, Rachele grew up in a bilingual, multicultural environment. From a young age, she knew she wanted to teach. Passionate about languages and other cultures, she knew her career would involve both other languages and other cultures. She graduated with a French Baccalaureate majoring in languages (French, English, Italian), Philosophy & Literature. After a year of studying in a private College (while working different jobs) in Southern France, she moved to Maryland to complete a B.A. in Christian Education, intern for Congressman Chris H. Smith and teach. She taught at a variety of institutions including Berlitz Language Centers, Sylvan Learning Centers and Northrop Grumman hired her to teach their engineers French and translate as well as do some administrative work. After graduating with her undergraduate degree, she moved to California for a teaching position (teaching French to middle schoolers and high schoolers) and furthered her education graduating with a M.A. Additionally she pursued a (second) Masters in Education specializing in Teaching and Learning. Rachele is also AFAA certified as a group fitness instructor. Over the last 15+ years, she’s had experience teaching K-2, 6-12 and College (MiraCosta College (8 years) & Palomar College). (View student ratings here.) She specializes in teaching predominantly French (all levels) but has also taught Italian (beginner’s) and English (as a Second Language). She founded Belle Terre Academy in 2019, offering online language courses. She currently teaches, does weekly YouTube videos, writes books (3 have been published so far) and speaks at a variety of workshops and conferences she's regularly invited to (for speaking inquiries, click here). She is, additionally, on the executive board of the American Association of Teachers of French (San Diego Chapter), as president. She genuinely enjoys helping others--from students, professors to other members in the community. She also serves as president for FLAM San Diego which provides French classes for French-speaking children in the San Diego region. Aside from her passion for languages and cultures, Rachele enjoys doing humanitarian work. From helping out Haitian refugees in Tijuana a few years ago to other trips (including visiting orphanages in India) in a variety of countries. Rachele sponsors Orphans First--a non-profit organization helping suffering children worldwide. Rachele enjoys cooking, loves extreme sports (surfing, snowboarding, longboard skateboarding), singing and playing the piano. She has composed her own songs. Rachele absolutely loves traveling. Rachele is married, has two children (she’s raising bilingual) and many pets.