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  • Learn online from wherever!

    Access your courses instantly from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Listen to the audios, watch the videos, read the lessons--all at your own pace! See your progress as you learn.

  • Practice!

    Complete a variety of practice exercises. Various games, activities and quizzes are included in each course. Practice with a partner to benefit the most from your course.

  • Additional Useful Resources

    Additional resources will be provided throughout each course such as tips to learn French quickly, what to prioritize on if you're wanting to learn French quickly and ways to use the language (and never lose it) regardless of where you live!

Why take courses at Belle Terre Academy?

  • Designed by a native instructor and multilingual, multicultural college professor

  • Created for students to learn the language in a fun, creative, logical way

  • Culture is embedded in an organic way -- teaching slang, everyday French and formal French

  • Learn by two-generations of success how to raise multilingual / multicultural children.

What people are saying about Belle Terre Academy

Mike's Testimony

Engineering businessman

Very impressed with Belle Terre Academy! I learned so much French in such little time! I liked everything about the course. I liked that there are many ways to gain the information based on the way you learn best. The activities were fun. I'm continuing on to French 102 now.

Anaica's Testimony


I took French out of interest and because of my Haitian background. This course was "flexible" which I needed as a mother of 3. I liked the diversity of media (video, audio, etc) and the fun practice activities.

Michelle's Testimonial

Retired educator and psychiatrist

As a former teacher, I recognize excellent instruction. Even if I'm relatively new to online education, I was impressed at how easy it was to navigate through the course. My two goals were to learn French and be able to hike the Pyrenees mountains. I accomplished my dream hiking the Pyrenees mountains, translating conversations between the tour guide and my husband. I took three courses and am so glad I did.

Ryder's Testimonial

College student

I took this course along with a French class I was taking in a college in San Diego. I heard Belle Terre Academy would help me actually learn French and not just getting a pass grade for college. I am proud to say I actually feel comfortable speaking French. I'm working on spelling but I can write pretty decent too. So glad a friend recommended Belle Terre Academy.

Natasha's Testimonial


I travel a lot and as I was preparing for an upcoming trip to Switzerland I decided to learn French. I loved the organized way the classes were laid out. I learned a lot of phrases I could immediately use. I really enjoyed the speaking/recording assignments as well because it helped with my pronunciation.

Daniel & Rebekah's Testimonials

My husband and I took this course after it was highly recommended to us by another couple. We both loved the two courses we took. Working with a partner in this course helped me understand the language better and feel more confident speaking and writing to native speakers.

Jacques' Testimonial


Back in college, I decided to learn French because of my name (even if I'm not French). I fell in love with the language and culture. I wanted to further my knowledge as a working professional and signed up for Belle Terre's French classes. I am so glad I took this course and I would like to give a huge thanks to Belle Terre Academy for all the hard work put in to the course. It was a fun class and I always looked forward to logging on. My French has improved greatly and I am excited to continue on!!


Founder, native French instructor and language specialist

Rachele DeMeo

ABOUT FOUNDER & INSTRUCTOR: Rachele DeMeo was born in Nîmes (Languedoc-Roussillon), Southern France where she spent the first nineteen years of her life. Raised by an American-Italian father and a British mother, Rachele grew up in a bilingual, multicultural environment. From a young age, she knew she wanted to teach. Passionate about languages and other cultures, she knew her career would involve both other languages and other cultures. She graduated with a French Baccalaureate majoring in languages (French, English, Italian), Philosophy & Literature. After a year of studying in a private College (while working different jobs) in Southern France, she moved to Maryland to complete a B.A. in Christian Education, intern for Congressman Chris H. Smith and teach. She taught at a variety of institutions including Berlitz Language Centers, Sylvan Learning Centers and Northrop Grumman hired her to teach their engineers French and translate as well as do some administrative work. After graduating with her undergraduate degree, she moved to California for a teaching position (teaching French to middle schoolers and high schoolers) and furthered her education graduating with a M.A. Additionally she pursued a (second) Masters in Education specializing in Teaching and Learning. Rachele is also AFAA certified as a group fitness instructor. Over the last 15+ years, she’s had experience teaching K-2, 6-12 and College (MiraCosta College (8 years) & Palomar College). (View student ratings here.) She specializes in teaching predominantly French (all levels) but has also taught Italian (beginner’s) and English (as a Second Language). She founded Belle Terre Academy in 2019, offering online language courses. She currently teaches, does weekly YouTube videos, writes books (3 have been published so far) and speaks at a variety of workshops and conferences she's regularly invited to (for speaking inquiries, click here). She is, additionally, on the executive board of the American Association of Teachers of French (San Diego Chapter), as president. She genuinely enjoys helping others--from students, professors to other members in the community. She also serves as president for FLAM San Diego which provides French classes for French-speaking children in the San Diego region. Aside from her passion for languages and cultures, Rachele enjoys doing humanitarian work. From helping out Haitian refugees in Tijuana a few years ago to other trips (including visiting orphanages in India) in a variety of countries. Rachele sponsors Orphans First--a non-profit organization helping suffering children worldwide. Rachele enjoys cooking, loves extreme sports (surfing, snowboarding, longboard skateboarding), singing and playing the piano. She has composed her own songs. Rachele absolutely loves traveling. Rachele is married, has two children (she’s raising bilingual) and many pets.

Native French instructor

Virginie Esposito

Virginie was born and raised in Paris. She spent most of her life and completed her education in France. After high school, she decided to explore new horizons and she moved to Chicago as an au pair. This experience reinforced her English and she realized she wanted to work with children. At the end of her time there, she went back to Paris to study at the Sorbonne. She now lives in San Diego with her husband--who is American. She has experience teaching and tutoring children so they could learn French. Now, as a mother, sharing her French language and culture is just as important to her. She enjoys teaching French to children at Belle Terre Academy and at FLAM San Diego.